100% Organic Essential Oil Hemp Seed Oil


The content of unsaturated fatty acids in hemp seed oil is about 90%, and the content of essential fatty acids is about 80%. It also contains Y-linolenic acid as well as abundant tocopherols and phytosterols. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil has a significant role in reducing cholesterol, anti-oxidation, and eliminating free radicals in the human body. It is a functional fat with high utilization value. Hemp seed oil can be safely ingested and can be used as a substitute for salad seasoning, but it is best not to heat it because it contains linoleic acid. There are currently food grades and beauty grades on the market.

Hemp seed oil must be stored in a cool, dark place. 

Unopened bottles can be permanently stored in the freezer, or refrigerated for one year, and kept at room temperature for 4-6 months.

 It can be stored for 10-12 weeks after opening.

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