Horizontal Lying Step Machine 45 Degree Backward Leg Trainer Exerciser Leg-lifting Pedal Fitness Strength Equipment Commercial

Name: Leg Trainer 

Model: 1910

Main frame size: 60*120mm

Product Size: 178*206*152cm 

Product Weight: 215kg 


1. Anti-skid metal pedal (Stainless steel material, anti-skid treatment, safe and durable).

2. Convenient control handle (connecting handle with support rod, easy to operate in training)

3. Comfortable leather cushion (leather material, filled with foamed cotton, comfortable and durable).

4. Thickening arm bar (completely solve the symmetry problem,can be one-arm training)

5. Barbell counterweight hanging rod (high strength stainless steel pipe, 

wear-resistant and durable, increase bearing training weight)

6. High Precision Bearings (Steel Axis Bearing, Aluminum Alloy Bearing Cover, Long Service Life)

7. Shock-absorbing rubber pad (to prevent bumping between arm and main frame directly,low noise)

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